The owners and workers at Cornerstone Children’s Academy, Inc. (CCA) believe every child is unique and deserves to be loved and nurtured. We believe children are intelligent and encourage them to start learning at an early age. Every room, playground, and parking lot is equipped with cameras that run 24/7. Every staff member is CPR and First Aid certified. We are licensed by the Department of Social Services (DSS), which dictates how many children a teacher may have at a time. This number varies according to age. Our teachers are required to be fingerprinted and undergo both a background check and non-conviction check. We also participate in the “A, B, C” program and work with the children in the level “C” section. This is why you may see a “C” beside our name, meaning that we accept foster children and children that require financial assistance from DSS. We also have a Masters prepared nurse on call, who is the president and one of the owners of CCA. Jeff DeYoung and Suzanne DeYoung, RN, BSN, MSN/Ed are the owners of CCA.

6 weeks to 12 month

We believe in a strong educational base and that it is never too early to start educating little ones. When working with the younger infants, we provide “tummy time” to help them strengthen muscles and encourage them to start crawling. We also promote the strengthening of leg muscles by helping them stand, and we also use toys that encourage them to jump up and down. We also interact with the infants by using their fingers and toes to count out loud so they obtain visual, tactile, and hearing prompts to start them on their journey of counting. We sing songs such as the “A, B C’s” and incorporate colors and shapes into their play time. For more information please call (864) 814-1014 and talk with  Jeff DeYoung.

Toddler (1 year) to 2 years of age

Along with playtime, where we help the children learn to share and work together, we also have Circle-Time. During Circle-Time we start teaching the children to count from 1 to 10. We go over shapes such as the heart, circle, square, star, octagon, oval, and diamond. Using colorful cards we start helping the children become familiar with the alphabet, work on learning new words, and word pronunciation. We also have story time and encourage the children to use their imagination. Activities include coloring and other hand activities. For more information please call (864) 814-1014 and talk with Jeff DeYoung.

2’s, 3’s, and 4’s

Because we want the children to be ready for elementary school, we basically follow the schools teaching criteria. We also want the children to learn in an orderly manner and have a schedule we follow. For example: during the month of September we focus on the letters: “A, B, C, and D” and the numbers “O, 1, 2, 3, and 4.” We discuss various items that are the shape of a square and the color yellow. We talk about grandparents day, family, how each child is special, manners, and go over nursery rimes. We also talk about the month, the day of the week, and the weather. We have different letters, numbers, a color and shape each month. We vary the theme according to the month, and we sometimes have a party for such occasions as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The material is taught on a more simplistic level for the children that are 2, and we increase the level of difficulty as the children progress in age. We strive to identify any areas a child may need extra help and work with them to strengthen these areas. For more information please call (864) 814-1014 and talk with Jeff DeYoung. 


In order to help our students reach their highest potential, we offer homework help for all students attending our center for afternoon care.  Students receive a nutritious snack when they arrive at the center and are then given help with their homework in the subjects their parents indicate they wish us to assist with.  For more information please call (864)814-1014 and talk with Jeff DeYoung.


Cornerstone Children's Academy

Job Opportunities

Active Caregivers

We are looking for active caregivers who are familiar with child-first teaching methods. We are taking applications for multiple shifts. Contact us today for more information.


6 weeks - 12 years

Our staff strive to provide the highest quality care possible for your child on a daily basis.  We are willing to work with you to determine the best options for your child's care to make the transition to daycare as smooth as possible for both the child and the parents.  Feel free to come by for a tour of our facility and meet our staff.